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Wow, your story is unfortunately really similar to mine. I’m 21 and in April, my car was stopped and a semi hit us at about 70-75 mph from behind and the driver (my mom) was killed instantly. I was comatose for a month and given a 0% chance of even surviving. I And they said IF I woke up, I would surely be severely brain damaged and (for lack of a better term) a vegetable. I suffered a severe traumatic brain injury and a diffuse axonal injury to the left side of my brain. So my right arm and leg don’t work very well at all. This sounds really corny and forced, but I just hope you can stay strong like I’m trying to do. It’s really hard without my mom. My question is: how do you fill your time during the day? I’m stuck in bed, too, home alone, and I’m running out of ideas of what to do. Thank you and I’m amazed by your story!

Edit: sorry, I just realized I’m kinda stealing your thunder. I don’t mean for it to be that way, just letting you know that there’s someone else in this world that has a similar story. Although mine isn’t nearly as serious as yours.

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Thanks. And I just have my dad but he works all day every day. And I had my boyfriend of 2 years dump me the other day with no reason. My sister lives in Texas, my two aunts live in California, and I’m in the middle of the Midwest. My friend is in Spain or something and my other friend is away at college.

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Thank you! I’ll definitely try it.

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Thank you so much! I’m gonna try building a tiny 1/24 scale car again. Hopefully I can do it. I just wish I had more coordination and fine motor skills in my right hand. That would help greatly!

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Thanks. It’s really rough without her. The problem is, my right hand doesn’t work very well. I’ve lost almost all coordination. And jeez. Why don’t people just pay attention?!