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I’m was admitted to as the Class of 2024, with the option to take a gap year as the Class of 2025. Although I decided to continue as ‘24, many of my fellow admits decided on a gap year.

Given that a good amount of the “seats” for the c/o 2025 are filled with gap years, do you anticipate acceptance rates for this admissions cycle to decrease?

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Do you believe people can change?

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Hi! I’m a current high school senior who is preparing to head into college. I’ve picked up meditation—through Sam Harris’ app Waking Up—for a few months now, but seem to stop meditating when I need it the most (for example, during the college application process).

What are key steps that teenagers must take to establish a long-term mindfulness routine, even during times when they “don’t feel like it”? On a similar note, are there things (actions or thoughts) I should be on the lookout for that may be red flags before I go on a downward trend?

Also, I am admittedly a chronic procrastinator. I often find myself finishing weeks’ worth of assignments on the last day or so. I’m sure this will hinder my progress in uni—not that it hasn’t already in high school. I’ve tried planners (a paper calendar, and online ones like Google Calendar). Just like with my meditation, I have gaps of time during which I completely stop following the schedule I’ve planned. Could you speak to this, based on your studies and experience with students’ work habits?

Thank you in advance! :))

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How exactly did you end up doing this? What’s the process like?

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First and foremost, thank you for doing this!

Have you seen a link between the rise in teenage stress levels and reported migraines? If so, what other related trends have you noted, and what others do you expect in the future?

Also, as someone who has chronic migraines and back/neck/ankle pain, I sometimes “crack” those areas to alleviate the pain. Although this “feels good” at the moment, am I actively worsening my pain for the future?