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Oculus is being quiet on a release date. If i were to guess, i would say towards the end of this year... and releasing with Half life 3!

but thats pure speculation.

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I have prototyped an Ant view demo, and its pretty cool and frightening walking up to a spider or a wasp the size of a house, so im sure there will be games developed that are insect based.

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Size is really important, having something like a phone in a room thats just 10% bigger makes it look very wrong due to the depth perception you have in VR.

HUDS will disappear, as they are distracting in VR, so i think you will see HUDS incorporated in the environment such as a watch you look at to see a minimap or health information.

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I feel it will catch on very fast, having tried several VR headsets since the 90's, i can understand why it hasn't caught on, the resolution and latency just wasn't there yet. I can assure you that the latest prototypes from the Oculus team are mindblowing!

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One of the CEO`s at Oculus, Nate Mitchell couldn't have the Rift on for more than a few minutes before getting sick, but has said that the latest protoype has completely eliminated motion sickness. I believe this is partly due to having full positional tracking and the new oled low persistence screen.