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BarrySch23 karma

Lots of things, but I'd focus on lack of respect from supervisors, lack of a sense that the work makes someone else's life better, lack of autonomy and discretion

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I think the critical additional thing for you to do is to bolster their confidence in the decision they came in with. When we feel good about a decision, we usually then interpret the resulting experience positively.

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Sorry, no. That's not my area of expertise.

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I think that reviews/feedback are a good thing but the point should be to help employees get better at what they do. When you tie reviews to compensation, you create an unhelpful "game the system" dynamic.

BarrySch7 karma

My view is that this is foolish regimentation on the part of your employer. Some people are quite distracted by things like music. Others are helped to zone in. If employers assume that employyes are trying to do a good job, they'll give the employees discretion in how they do that job.