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Thanks for doing this David. Your book High Exposure was my first climbing read and it really got my attention even though I had zero climbing ambitions prior.

Since then I've seen many of your videos/films and read some from some other climbers as well.

2 Questions:

  1. Did you enjoy working with Ed Viesturs as much as other climbers? It seems to me that you both have very high standards for yourselves, your climbers, safety, and the rules of mountaineering.

  2. Are you able to write and think about filming opportunities in the thin air of high peaks or do you accomplish most of your mental work at lower elevations?

P.S. Loved the story about how you went back to try to repair the mountain after breaking a hand hold off early in your climbing career. :) Mountain hugger...

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Since I'm a pretty big fan, I can probably help answer this for you in David's absence.

Have you accomplished any other amazing conquests?

David wasn't exactly born into the golden ago of mountaineering so by the time he had the resources to move to 8000m climbs, the first ascents had probably all been completed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highest_unclimbed_mountain

But before that, he had made a name for himself in the climbing circles out west for some new routes and probably some speed work too.

Have you lost anyone on any of your ventures?

Yes. Climbing is dangerous and every climber who has been around for a decade has lost friends. If you have been climbing 8000m peaks for 2 decades you have lost a lot of friends.

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There is no better friend or person I trust more climbing with in the mountains then Ed Viesturs. We share the same ethics and rules of the mountain.

I was hoping you would say that. How could anyone be surprised really. You both came from humble beginnings, worked hard, worked some more, and hustled your way to the top. And since you made wise decisions on the mountain, you are alive today to be an example to others. So thanks for that.

I obviously have a ton of respect for both you and Ed, but you get extra credit for being a great film maker and photographer.

You've always been very polite and cordial in your writings but I sort of hope you are planning a final memoir to be released on your death to deal with some of the darker aspects of the politics, pride, and greed in climbing that you have undoubtedly seen over the years. I know other writers mention it from time to time, but coming from a veteran like you, I feel it might carry more weight.

Thanks again.

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You can see one in this picture he took but you REALLY have to zoom in: