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Man, you are the tourist/crowd.

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Eddie taught me when I was doing the RAPS course at Strathallan about 5-6 years ago, was mental hearing this story.

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Same, it's how I first discovered the band and was blown away ever since.

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Is this including flights to the US? Or do you currently live there...

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What is your opinion of the increasing commercialisation of Everest? I don't know about you, but I was somewhat disheartened to see the recent photographs of the waiting line to summit, and can't help but feel that we've invaded this epic, harsh wilderness in order to make money from rich tourists with minimal mountaineering experience. I realise the importance of the economical boost to the Sherpa, but as a mountain man myself it makes me a little bit sad that there's no longer any room for "real" mountaineers on Everest.

Also, did you get a chance to see High Tension in the current Reel Rock film tour? It's about the fight and the current Everest situation, and it's pretty interesting!