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You're right. We should reject all forward momentum on all research that isn't fully proven. Because that's how we learn things. By shutting down ideas that are half fleshed out...

Also, I'm very confused with the number of folks being against someone else making money on a product that folks buy willingly, and many gain measurable results from.

This guy isn't pedaling overpriced trash. He's pedaling the overpriced next step in an ongoing for-profit product development effort. The data they will Accumulate by operating this company for a few years will likely be comparable or, perhaps even more diverse than currently available medical data.

Pseudoscience? My bowels have been a wreck since I hit puberty. Many, many tests and years later Doctors and specialist won't agree on a diagnosis. My diet is monitored by a daily journal and falls well with the parameters of an extremely healthy, digestible diet. Tried many probiotics with varying, but generally encouraging results. Finally 4 years ago discovered a cheap, widely available liquid probiotic. I now shit daily.

The probiotic is the only variable in my equation. When I stop taking it, my bowels slowly grind to a halt. in my case, probiotics changed my life from not wanting to leave the house because I needed to have multiple, horrifyingly unproductive sessions on the toilet, to the normal life I saw my peers living.

It's misunderstood science, not pseudoscience. Not sure I'll paying this guy for his services, but I wish I would have had this service ten years ago. Even if it's only 7% accurate, that's a 7% chance that I could have lived normally for the past decade.

my apologies if this came across as me being an asshole. It's a touchy subject for me personally, and I realize your comment wasn't intended to be taken so seriously. I just wanted to share this story below your comment because it's simply NOT pseudoscience. Also, feeling super guilty for being one of "those" commenters, but fuck it. Venting session over.

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I concede your point.

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You know nothing about business if you think the issues he raised aren't problems. Explosive growth CRUSHES many relatively young companies.

You can tell that This guy is very involved in his business knows his issues. sure, he may not have listed the grittiest issues, but they are very likely his biggest, in scale at least.

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I was simply using creative language. My apologies if it seemed I was proclaiming scientific fact.

Your point is valid, and I stand corrected.