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I learned firsthand that some people do indeed have fantasies about sex researchers.

Or perhaps, fantasies about sex researchers reading the student's fantasies about sex researchers aloud to a group of other students.

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As a former DOI employee, I salute you. No federal employee should be required to work in a confined space with others. But it's really not clear to me that CDC guidelines would call for total closure of parks to the public. I live near Olympic NP, a million acres of wild land. They've closed the visitor centers, which makes complete sense. But people are still free to hike the hundreds of miles of trails, where social distance is the norm. I see nothing reckless about that. Likely, surrounding Forest Service lands remain open to hikers. I am continuing to hike solo, and I don't believe I'm endangering anyone.

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So how does the carbon footprint of your bacon compare with conventional bacon?

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What to you think of Amazon's new Pay to Quit policy, under which you can get up to $5K for quitting your job?

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Great! You had me persuaded enough to order a couple of packages, but then I found that it was going to cost $15 just for shipping. That's way too much for groceries. And in terms of minimizing carbon footprints, it probably doesn't make sense to buy food this way. So, I'm going to wait till your bacon shows up at my local co-op or supermarket. Best of luck to you.