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You wrote the ad copy for the Acura ads that accompany the most recent episodes of "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee." How did that writing process differ from joke writing? What was the inspiration for the retro-space-age theme?

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What's your favorite memory of working with Dave Brubeck?

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I've been a huge fan of your work since I was 10 when I first watched the original airing of Baseball. I'm now almost through The National Parks on Netflix. One of the things I love most about your filmmaking style are the evocative voice-overs from actors like Tom Hanks and Morgan Freeman and even non-actors like George Plimpton or Arthur Miller. How do you go about recording those voice-overs? How do you "cast" the voices for the historical figures they are meant to portray? Do you direct the readers much? Do the readers see what we see on the screen as they're reading?

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"Shoot Pass Slam" was a staple of my mid '90s listening. Which current athlete would you most like to hear rap?