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Are the fires mostly in areas that have been cleared in the past, or old growth forest?

Are there particular programs that you think are working to help find other ways for farmers to earn without destroying the forest?

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What is your position on higher density housing?

In California, we had a state bill (SB50) to allow higher density housing around public transit and job-rich areas, which was backed by both environmental groups like the NRDC and organized labor.

Unfortunately, it was shut down by (chiefly) single family homeowner communities, though it also encountered resistance from some progressive groups afraid of development.

To me, this seems like a mini-Green New Deal and one that we should be able to implement sooner and more easily in places with Democratic supermajorities. Not only does it reduce transportation emissions, but it would create tons of new construction jobs and help alleviate the housing shortage that has driven up rents; it would also provide new housing for people immigrating to the state.

Do you support this bill or others like it? Are you doing things to encourage higher density housing at local and state levels?

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Do you think that how good a website's design is influences how much people trust the information? And in what way?

I wonder if people who are prone to denying climate change, for example, distrust well-made websites while I look for better made ones to use as sources because I trust them more (even though you might argue that shouldn't matter).

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What made you decide to make it a competition / game vs. just having people volunteer?