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Hello, I'm currently applying for cognitive sciences major at a top university in the US. I really want to do research and figure out how people work, but I don't know exactly what field I would go into yet... Is it difficult to find research opportunities specifically in cognitive sciences? Maybe it's different because you're in Sweden, but could you give me any insight into the job you have and what I could do to have a job that makes an impact on how the brain works? Thank you!

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The aviation thing stood out to me. I just got my private pilot license and hearing that there's so many varying possibilities is huge to me. I have so many different interests and I've never been able to just want to do one thing. I don't know how this works on Reddit, but I would love to pm you or email you or something so I have a contact that knows about cognitive science research firsthand. You would be a huge help to me. Thanks for taking time to answer my question!