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If there wasn't a fan-fiction about this already, the internet's writing about 200 of them right now.

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I did a lot of calling for OFA in the run-up to ACA, and everybody I talked to LOVED Tricare. Even if they were against ACA (in which case their reasoning was, "I don't care, I have Tricare.")

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See, this is what I say: tacos fix EVERYTHING and make people friends.

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My last night as an RA, all the students had gone home except for one or two kids. So some poor freshman FINALLY had a room to himself after living in a quad all year. I was doing homework but I heard him and his lady friend building up...up...and then the movement stopped, sans climax on her part.

I felt so bad for that gal. I very nearly banged on the wall and yelled "Cripes! Finish her off!" but I was technically on duty and didn't feel like writing myself up.

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This is a trick by the Secret Service trying to get more answers out of DOB.