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It's so hard when your childhood was so bad that you don't have a sense of self and your values regularly change. I recently figured out that I probably have a dissociative disorder (likely CPTSD with slightly more pronounced dissociative symptoms, as opposed to something like OSDD) so that's at least a step in the right direction.

Edit: I wasted 10 years in therapy because, with the exception of my very first counselor, there wasn't a single therapist willing to dive into my trauma or push me to talk about anything deeper than "how was your week?". And my new counselor is the first EVER that actually listened to me about some weird symptoms, instead of waving away my concerns as me being overly anxious about stuff that everyone experiences. And I'm finally making progress for the first time in over a decade. I wish more professionals recognized that, just because your patient LOOKS normal and can hold down a full time job, it does NOT mean that they do not have severe psychopathology. That we are not being tortured every single day of our lives.

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And 0% of it requires airing commercials to the general public. That aspect is a ludicrous waste of money.

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According to a credit simulator, being legit sent to collections would drop my score by 163 points. That's severe.

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I'm allergic to nearly all fruit and nuts, several other foods, a couple lifesaving drugs, and my own body. (mysterious autoimmune responses)

How the fuck are we still alive? Glad I didn't breed.

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My local world-renowned hospital told me they charge more because they're "a teaching hospital". Yet the other hospital system that is also very much a teaching hospital manages to not only charge less, but also create mostly straightforward bills.