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That is crazy! But really cool! Question: how do you handle money? On your way? And do you carry any protection? Seeing as you never know what you might meet? And how did you start out at first? Edit: Also where did you start out from? Lol did you just like walk out of your house one day and never looked back? And how many miles did you average a day? How much did you spend day to day, week to week on food?

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Interesting stuff, I’m asking cause traveling cross country on foot or cycling has been kind of a bucket listed thing for me, so naturally I’m curious bout this stuff. I’ll probably do it someday when I’m a little better off financially. Again amazing stuff, the sights you see must be exhilarating stuff. Thanks for the tips! :] and have safe travels, traveler.

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Lol yeah I know that part too, I run and hike quite a lot, so I know that most of the time it’ll just be normal everyday things you would pass in car, lol but you know I meant specific places like the Grand Canyon or the pacific or even cities you’d never seen or thought of visiting, sights like that. Edit: listening to music must be a godsend lol