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Does having even a wrongful conviction affect your chances of getting a career?

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Is going for the OSCP worth it, despite the costs? (I'm rather poor)

Also, I've never heard any professional in the security industry claim to be part of "Anonymous" unless they wanted cringe points. Is anonymous even real? Can you recount some of the things you did as part of Anonymous?

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About suicides and other incidents in the Underground?

What countermeasures do you have?

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Ummm but I guess there's something like hitting at a critical point?

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Asking for a source doesn't indicate disbelief in what was stated. I was not claiming that what OP says is bullshit. The other guy was asking a source for OP's claim (which is perfectly okay) and I was astonished that asking for a source could fetch downvotes.

We can either continue the discussion in a civil way, or you can call me an idiot again if that satisfies you.