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BamaBagz7 karma

Awesome job to have i would have to assume..? So, without assuming, how did you get that assignment? Did you;

a) request the duty

b) volunteer for the duty

c) randomly assigned the duty

BamaBagz5 karma

Well, I guess I skipped a way in...hahha...thats awesome though. You made the cut...

On a different note, have you considered the Marine Corps Reserve while you are attending school? Extra cash and possibly a quicker route to E6/SSG...?

BamaBagz3 karma

Just an idea. Hope you had a great Christmas and will have a awesome New Year...

BamaBagz2 karma

What is the age cut-off for former/current military? Does this provision only apply to former military with experience in the air traffic control area, r any military specialty?

BamaBagz1 karma

Well shit...im out by almost 11 years....Oh well, thanks for the information!