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Bam_Rodriguez_AMA170 karma

My favorite knockout was one I did in the first round. Hit the dude with the angle and then three more shots and he went out cold.

Here is the clip

Bam_Rodriguez_AMA159 karma

Boxing is a dangerous sport, so i take it very seriously and im very cautious about my fights. I dont plan to be boxing when I'm too old, so I'm going to keep doing it until i'm settled. But always making sure I'm being cautious about the sport

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I like to run a lot, I usually go at a nice pace, not too fast, not too slow, I like to do my runs in the afternoon cause I have bad eyesight and can't see as well at night.

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It was in my professional debut, i got caught in the last round. My knees actually buckled and I blacked out. Once I got back up, I was buzzed the rest of the fight

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17 isn't too old. thats a very good age to start. I got started at 9, so its hard to say how i would have adapted at 17. But if you stick to it, train and work hard, i say go for it