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I see this every day, I am in Northern Ireland where the legacy of "The Troubles" has left generations of people addicted to alcohol and drugs of many types, just so they can get through the day.

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Where I live the 'local heroes' are more of a sad lot than dangerous, from what I've heard at the pub and making my own conclusions it seems like they are acting out their favourite scenes from the various gangster flicks they've seen with Scarface being an apparent favourite.

Do you find this a lot?

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Nothing like that but she is very hungry for them, the best way I can describe it is that it seems to have become a fixation.

She is working and doing well.

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I have a close family member who was addicted to opiates who is now on substitute medication called Subutex, she is functioning and stable now but seems to be more hooked on the Subutex than she ever was on oxycontin, what is your opinion on Subutex and substitute medication in general?