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What is the 'end game' for wikileaks? To outsiders, how do you plan to have credibility when one side of the political spectrum (progressives) has completely lost faith in your organization? Trickling editorialized leaks that only benefit one particular candidate, and influencing elections based on stolen information, has shifted people's view of wikileaks from being a crusader to shilling. Is there any response or validity to Pussy Riot's claims that wikileaks has funding and instruction sent from the Kremlin?

Julian Assange's image is everything to wikileaks and now he's seen as a champion of the alt-right. How do you reconcile that without being a part of that system?

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So in a few generations we're looking at Private Kim Jong Pile?

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The UN exposed the Bush administration with their official inspections, revealing the truth about there being no WMDs. Attributing that to wikileaks is an outright lie.

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You never want the ones who write laws to be the same ones who enforce laws.

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Jade Falcon represent.