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I am over 60. Because I have a professional license there is no real way to minimize how long I have been in the work force and how old I am, is there?

I have applied to a bunch of places with no response and I suspect it is perceived age or perceived high salary requirements or something similar.I would like to minimize that if possible

I have been out of work for 10 months and it looks like that will increase. How do I explain the gap on the resume?

A resume writing class I took said that the on line application forms will ignore all my formatting so I should re-format my resume so it read well on their format. Opinion?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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"REMINDER: using different passwords is more important than using complex ones, write them down on paper if you need!"

I am a highly non-tech old person. It warms my little analog heart to hear this from someone like you.

Thank you for your efforts; thank you for doing an AMA. Thank you for being really cool and understandable while doing this AMA

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Do you retain your long ago memories? Can you recall stuff from the 1930's for example? Do you mistake young relatives for their older grandparents and talk about stuff that was current 75 years ago? Does Alzheimer's just blot stuff out or dim it? Can you tell what is gone? Do you miss it?

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After each war, soldiers come home with psychological wounds as well as physical.

What have you noticed that was different about the way the forces from each war reacted mentally to combat?

Perhaps if you could differentiate shell shock from combat fatigue from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, etc., from a soldier's perspective?

Thank you for doing this.

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This helps. Thanks