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No one will check your package for drugs or contraband regularly. Realize that medications are often sent through the mail, so even the rattling of pills isn't something alarming to a shipping company.

What drivers DO get trained in is irregular pickups. Like Shaggy scheduling several pickups but from a location he doesn't live. They basically tell them to look out for anyone that might be running a silkroad type of business.

If you want to ship weed, wrap it on coffee. We ship a lot of coffee around the holidays so no one would suspect a thing. Except the people that know weed is commonly wrapped in coffee. We still wont open it though. We make money shipping packages and value all customers business.

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Its my understand is that OSHA allows for all bathroom breaks under 20 minutes be paid, twice a day. If you have to go, they can say, well can you take 10-15 minutes and finish this up first. that is reasonable. But an employer cannot deny you access to the restroom while working.

The reason this came to be law is a high rise construction worker died trying to take a shit off the top of some girders. These people handle food products. I really don't want them pissing and shitting themselves while doing it.

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I got really sick before the first known USA case. Bad deep cough. I think genetically some groups are can't fight it as well. I also think china's out break was so bad because their air quality is horrible.

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"13. Tell everyone your story, this is most likely what will get you out of your situation." As a former homeless person I have a problem with this one. I really hate the pity card because it back fires either on you or other homeless people. 1) people lie 2) maybe you are not lying but some other person did lie and people tend not to trust you. When I was homeless I made sure to keep it as secret as possible. Ultimately it depends on the reason you became homeless, drugs and bad choices vs bad life events. But, people don't know by just looking at you and even if you tell them you could be lying. IMO its better to not tell them and seem as normal as possible. I'm also on the fence about couch surfing. There are varying degrees of "homeless." yeah you don't have a place to live but its not the same as someone sleeping under a bridge or in a car. I had a car, but there are several homeless people without even that and its a huge advantage. There are a lot of programs out there for homeless people. They make life pretty easy on people. Free food and nearly free places to live. The choice then becomes are you ok with depending on these programs or are you going work to get out of your situation. Its a lot of work too. Finally, the #1 cause for being homeless is not having a job so you can pay for a place to live. I don't know how many times I had cops wake me up tapping on my car window suggesting I get a hotel. (granted mental illness and drugs an alcohol are high on the list) For anyone that hasn't been homeless reading this, we are just like everyone else. If you don't want to hire us because of our living condition we will stay that way.

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What your rank in Rocket League?