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My local baseball stadium holds ~42,000 people. I've been many times when it was sold out and looked upon the huge bowl of people. When I hear a statistic like this, I imagine it as multiples of that baseball stadium.

That's only an attempt to wrap my head around the statistic itself. I can't comprehend the tragedy nor imagine what it would feel like to have most/all of my family killed.

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If I ask the door-to-door people to please take us off their list, does that actually work? Is there really a do-not-call list that they follow? I haven't had the opportunity to ask them because my boyfriend happens to have answered the door every time they've come. He is quite surly and rude with them (I don't approve of that) but they keep coming anyway.

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Yeah that's insane. And it's my understanding the 6 million figure does not include other groups persecuted and murdered by the Nazis such as the Romani, Slavs, cognitively delayed, people with mental illness, birth defects (perhaps mainly forced/coerced sterilization for this group), etc.

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Ohhhh. So the no-contact rule is only for family members and doesn't apply to others in the organization.

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MASH was actually intended to represent Vietnam and other political/social issues contemporary to the show. Korea was more of a facade because they may not have otherwise been able to get away with directly commenting on Vietnam.

*EDIT: I tried putting the asterisks between the letters but that didn't work out so well.