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Was this dude, like, accompanied by children? Can adults just chill at Chuck E Cheese and scrape up coins?

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Choked on my coffee 👍

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Hey there. This is the Internet, so I won't list specific names, but I am an acquaintance of your brother's--we'll call him 'Harvy,' for reasons I think both you and I know--and graduated from the same high school that he did, where I saw you speak. I'd like to know how often the two of you speak, how he's doing, and to what extent if any his university of choice has gone to his head.

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Might have been asked already, don't have the time to check:

In a future where psychedelics do become accessible through professional medical/psychiatric channels, what is the process likely to be for a regular person to seek that treatment? Could a person likely seek this out as an ordinary form of therapy for everyday stress, or is this likely to be reserved for serious mental health conditions? Has work been done to standardize the practice of whatever the professional term for tripsitting is?