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No pant shitting story yet? So what happens when one shits their pants?

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now I see why someone would think thats the door to the toilets

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Did you find your size a helped With the cold? And did your size help by having more energy stored over the multi day trek?

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A quote from the tumbler

I am the stalker.

As most of you will have seen by now, my name is Jessica Parker and I’m Melissa Anelli’s stalker.

I have no excuse for my actions for the past five years and ongoing. There is no legal precedent for international cyberstalking and I’m thankful for that as I enjoy what may be my last few weeks of freedom while NZ and the USA wrangle over what to do with me .

But I’m not proud of myself either. The articles posted online do little justice to the struggle the both of us face. I struggle with autisim and OCD, which makes letting go of Melissa that much harder.. I just hope one day Melissa and I will come face to face and see each other for who we truly are. I’m not the big bad she thinks I am and that she is better and kinder than I think she is. I can only pray this will end in a manner that suits the both of us and doesn’t lead to extradition.

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I edited my comment to make it clear I am not the stalker. The stalker has a mental problem so stopping easier said than done.