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I've been to almost 40 countries at age 30, most on a couple long-term budget trips, so I can try and help out quick.

1) Thailand. If you're young and not already from Asia, there's nothing like it. It can feel a bit fake at times because of all the tourism, but it's cheap, beautiful, nice people, and great food.

2). Bosnia-Herzegovina. Another place dripping with natural beauty (you'll see a trend in my choices). A tragic history that's still fresh but what I've found is that usually molds some of the kindest people. Cheap and interesting, but nightlife isn't the best.

3). Colombia. Probably too far to fly from the UK but good nightlife, beautiful people, and cheap. I'll admit this choice was more subjective because I had such a good time but it's still new to tourism and always an adventure.

4). I think for you, independent of your age, I would go to either Prague, Budapest, or Berlin. All are good for a first-time traveler. Cheap beer, good nightlife, interesting museums and architecture to fill your days, and different enough from the UK that you actually feel like you're traveling.

I'm on my phone and that took me forever, so I'll leave it at that, but I'll try and help out on any questions

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Colombia is good, but, man, those Danes sure produce some healthy, fit, blonde-haired blue-eyed beauties

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You must be from America. Healthcare everywhere else is relatively affordable. I had an infection in my finger in India that required seven trips to a private hospital. Total cost of my care, around 40 US. The kind of care you can find in Southeast Asia as well is just as good as in the States. Also there's travel insurance if it's a huge concern.

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Aqui and aca actually mean two different things, but I've had a native speaker try to explain to me the difference and I still don't understand. Maybe a native speaker could chime in here and clear up the confusion?

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What I do have is a very particular set of skills; skills that I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a dream for people like you.

It's 12:48 a.m., and I have to get to bed soon, but I may be able to help. I'm a court stenographer living in Boston, and we have a program where we write down veterans' stories to record history. I looked into it when I started out, but you're supposed to find veterans and they didn't give much detail about what/how to do it. I can look into it more if there's any interest, but I'm only in Boston until the end of August. Sir, if this would interest you, feel free to private message me or respond to this, and I'll see what I can do.

Edit: Did a quick search and found the program -- http://www.ncra.org/Foundation/content.cfm?ItemNumber=10498 It says it's for US veterans, but they'd probably make an exception. Like I said, I can look into it more if there's enough interest, but my time left in Boston is limited. I'm sure there are other stenographers who would step up if I can't.