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Incidentally on my last night delivery of my pizza distribution engineering career, I drive up to a house with no lights on, nothing. I walk up, ring the door bell, and out from the bushes jumps a black guy, hoody up directly behind me, completely trapping me between him and the door on the stoop. I've got my steel toes on and am considering a swift kick to the face, when he quickly rips his hand out of his jacket pocket and holds it straight out at me...with money.

Guy is an african immigrant FOB who lives in the house's basement. I tried to explain that he shouldn't do that going forward, but he didn't understand a word I said.

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We litteraly get pounded in the ass with power points about rape and the different ways to report it and its annoying as all hell... but Its actually a pretty good thing though.

One of the least appropriate contextual uses of literally, that I have literally ever seen. Bravo.

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Would you rather fight 10 Danica sized Tony Stewarts, or one Tony Stewart sized Danica?

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dealing with situations like this is a lot easier when you're young. Cruise Ship cmaping probably sux at 70.

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wait, wife or sister?