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I had read in an interview with Jenji Kohan where she suggested that your story was a way for her to tell a story of female suffering from the perspective of women who are rarely portrayed in TV.

Since Chapman's sentence would reasonably only last a couple of seasons, are you comfortable with Chapman getting written out of the series or are you more interested in finding ways to keep her incarcerated indefinitely to keep the original protagonist on the show?

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Katz is so dry that his comedy sneaks up on you like an STD and suddenly you are infected with itchy, irritating, painful laughter.

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Watched "Let's Do This." Loved it. When are you doing more?

Q: I often noticed subtle to explicit references to Chicago-area television on Mr. Show. For example, Jay Johnston's news reporter character singing, "Rock-a-by your baby!" like Harry Schmerler (Your singing Ford dealer), the "Shake Your Stick" crime fighter character from the Chicago Crimestoppers presentations, or even references to places being near "Santa's Village." Do you have any plans to incorporate more odd references to old Chicago-area TV in "Let's Do This?"

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Dreaded? You can't seriously think that The Munch band is better than the Rock-a-fire Explosion?

I know he is done and not replying.

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Been well. About to finish an MA, raising kids, working. Occasionally breaking out the Wacom tablet, but mostly to draw characters for lesson plans.

How about a real question? Has Rikki been invited to do a voice on Steven Universe yet? It seems like a given considering the similarities between Peridot and Zim.

If I thought the animation industry was going to give today's show runner duties to yesterday's anime fans, I may have tried harder.

Glad you guys are approaching what 20 years of marriage? Congratulations