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doing badass long sets so a bunch of musicians can get paid is worth every minute and every dime

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I am afraid that "speculative journalism" is an attempt at gratifying peoples' love of conspiracy and slippery slopes. How much are you going to be intending on the speculation being a realistic and grounded approach to news, and would you describe it more as popcorn entertainment, or realistic projections of (for lack of a better phrase) "the timelines?"

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I'll take "Malicious game design" for $1000, Alex.

Really though that is a genius cascade of terrifying loot box sequences

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What do you mean by "in the #MeToo era?" Are there any substantive laws or treatments of law that have substantially changed in the wake of the #MeToo era?

Edit- whoever downvoted me is a moron. Do you not understand that name-dropping #MeToo implies a substantive change thats differentiates one era from another? Wouldnt it be helpful to know what that change was?

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What changes had they told you to make that you ended up ignoring? You said dietary stuff, but kinda what specifically did doctors say could have helped your kidneys after the first hospital visit?