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BaconBiscuits3 karma

Hi James!

Something I have admired about BrewDog is the fact that it arguably opened the doors for every Scottish craft brewery founded since 2007. In the bars, there is great support of Scottish craft, and through projects like collabfest it feels like you understand the nature of the brewing scene here in that it's more of a community than a bunch of rival competitors. In the last few years, it seems as though exporting beer to the US has seemed an enormous and futile task for even larger craft breweries given the saturation of the market there where not only are brewers making bigger, bolder beers than most breweries here, but they're also much cheaper given the huge cost of export. There's also the suggestion that brand power goes a long way, and that Scottish beer either relies too heavily on simply being Scottish, or they just don't have a strong enough brand identity to carry them in that market with big identities like Stone. However, given your extensive travels and work over in America, your opinion interests me!

What is the best way, in your opinion, for Scottish breweries to break into that tough market? Is it brewing actually in America as BD is about to do? Also, if you disagree with price point and variety being the reason imported beer doesn't do as well, what are the reasons?

BaconBiscuits1 karma

Totally agree with you on the people buying beer for what it is and on the providing people with fresh beer! Looking forward to seeing what happens with OH