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publish the journal?

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Don't plan too much though, it'll make your trip too rigid and boring while giving you the excuse of "I need to plan more" to not go.

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thanks for the response! My answer should really be credited to my girlfriend who is sitting right next to me. I agree that the root goal is to minimize cross-community spread in the safer at home order as opposed to keeping gas stations, grocery stores, etc clean.

Perhaps instead of a "here are the rules" statement a decision making flow chart makes more sense. This would allow people to figure out on their own if they were putting others at risk in their actions as opposed to following simple rules. I feel like this flow chart exercise would also give people a chance to understand what actions are risky. The downside of this is obviously that it puts the burden on the citizen to use the flow chart effectively and the more complex the flow chart, the less people will use it.

For someone like me, a decision making flow chart would be more effective; however, I'm not a civil servant and I don't know the data for what is effective for the citizenry on the whole.

PS: I love that you're active on reddit. It's great to have such a close connection to my governor.

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First off, thanks for your service. As a Boulder resident I feel like CO has done a great job with this coronavirus ordeal.

I was wondering why there hasn't been more nuance in discussing best practices for social distancing. For example, safer at home says you should stay within 10 miles of your home. The idea makes sense, if everyone stays in their own little 10 mile radius then the infection doesn't spread as quickly.

With recreation being given the thumbs up, I'm wondering why I can't go rock climbing a couple hours away. My rationale is that if I don't need to fill up gas, stop for food, etc... and climb at an area where there are no other people I wont be spreading the disease to other communities.

A lot of people have been just putting out blanket statements on social media saying don't go out and do anything but I feel like when you strip nuance from that conversation people will be less likely to follow guidelines.

Could you talk about your thoughts of my previous example that describes a place 3 hours away from boulder I would like to go to?

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