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Any inside info on the Costco meat case? Best deals? Bad buys? Not-so-prime cuts?

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I was a supervisor in 2010. Pretty solid gig for people in between jobs. Most of my field reps were college kids, all things considered it was pretty gratifying.

Have they made the process more digital to reduce the paper usage?

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Good news. I think.

In 2010 all the time sheets were paper as were the forms. Most of my job as supervisor was gathering the completed forms from my crew in the field and shuttling them to the central office.

Wonder if there’s any worry about going paperless related to tampering similar to the paper ballot initiative. Heard anything in that regard to ensure validity?

I was working in a city in a neighborhood that was basically a urban college campus, so my experience may not have been typical.

I’m just now recalling that I did canvassing in 2000 as well, guess I was on a 10 year cadence of being out of work. At that time I was fresh out of college and living back at home in the burbs, IIRC I was working with a bunch of stay at home moms those days.

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You don’t think critics will take that last paragraph and use it to undermine the rest of your work?

Plus, it’s not exactly decontextualized when you can quote the paragraph in its entirety and have it still be damming.

Hey man, you do you.

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You should strike that last paragraph from your vocabulary. Drugs unquestionably do kill. Even when administered with knowledge and care.

Do you seriously want to be using the same language as the NRA?

I agree with the goal of harm reduction but you’ll give away any credibility you might have with foolish statements like that.