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What use is a test to see if a student is gifted if students train for such a test?

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The preview video isnt working on my tablet so i could be completely wrong about this but it seems this show not just involves nudity but striptease as well. If true, what's the reason behind this? To me it sexualizes the nudity pretty strongly.

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Well, in the post i responded to she is pretty outspoken about NakedNews being about challenging cultural stigmas, not fetishizing the nudity. By introducing a sexual element in the transition from clothed to nudity i believe they are doing just that, fetishizing the nudity. I don't understand why the would need to start of clothed at all.

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I'm sure as a medical professional cutting into a perfectly healthy body for no reason other then 'the patient wants me to' isn't something to take lightly.

Where is the line where you deny the procedure?

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it's great your sister is doing so well with her disability, good on her! please don't underestimate how much more effort focusing takes her compared to you, some of us have so many trouble focusing we will never be able to achieve a somewhat normal focusing time. sadly ADD/ADHD has been used by many as an excuse to set lower standards or prescribe medication, that doesn't mean however that there aren't really people that are so troubled by their disability that they are genuinely not able to lead a normal life.

please don't let the positive experience with your sister and those who abuse the diagnosis lead you to believe all people with attention deficit disorder are really a bunch of whiny pussies.