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As a Malaysian, how can we help you now? Will you testify against her? I'd like to offer help. If you were caught in the Semenanjung or Sarawak, I may not be of much help though.

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What is your part in the research?

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I learnt the basics of optimisation in my degree course. Since my minor is economics, it's always in the context of business management.

How do you do the optimisation of images? Do you find the most probable places for the pixels to reflect where the actual writing really was? And do you use advanced numerical computation for it?

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Inuks and Inupiats are different tribes?

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How many tribes are there at Arctic Canada? How do you organise hunts, and determine where one tribe can and can't hunt? Did anyone ever try to get to the North Pole? Do you eat vegetables, and how do you solve the low-fiber problem? Do Canada offer any help or something? Also, how do you perform weddings, borth ceremonies, funerals, etc?