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Thanks for the kind words!

1- It's kinda a closely-held secret, but we'll be looking at averaging between 70-90kmh depending on weather conditions. 2- We use a few sources, one of our main ones is Weatherzone who is one of our main sposnsors. They've given us a forecast for the entire event. So we've taken that into consideration with our planning.

See you in Adelaide!

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It does actually, it's called Unlimited 2.0

We did throw around Crimson, Radiance, Endeavour and Arbitrium (which is 'diligence' in Latin)

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It would be pretty significant, I think it would have increased by about a third over that time. We've only been in the competition for 6 years (3 races) and we would have had increases of about 2-3% just with our car over that time.

The main place that we make up efficiency is the way in which we encapsulate the cell, moreso than the cell itself. Which helps us capture energy from sunlight that hits the cells at different angles. That being said, we've also seen some huge jumps in efficiency over the past decade!

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Good question, we don't really know what we call it either...maybe cockpit, driver's compartment?

The simple answer is that it's because of the position of the motor. It's better if the motor is closer to the driver for better force distribution. If you think about how light the car is, a lot of the weight is the driver's, so we need to consider that.

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We actually used it as our test car for this year...the original Unlimited (2015) and Solace (2013's entry) have both been on display at various points. Although we now plan to get them fully working once again.