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I'm an AI Software Engineer (very early in my career) with a lot of interest in neuroscience, so your replies have been a pleasure to read so far!

  1. Reading your current replies, it seems like the sensors you're working with perform the function of relaying signals from the brain - how difficult would it be to send signals to the brain instead? I'd imagine the issue would be less to do with physically sending signals, and more with sending them in a useful way that our brains could interpret?

  2. Have you considered employing any AI architectures to help interpret the outputs you get from a brain? No idea if it would work, but it would be cool to see if anybody has tried a simple classifier or something - i.e. get readings from your sensors while showing someone images of a set of distinct objects, and use that data to train a classifier, then see if it can ultimately identify what object is being seen without explicitly being told the answer (like it would be during training).

Very cool AMA, would love to transition to this field if things continue moving in the exciting directions they have been! Thanks!