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This made me cry.

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I totally blew air out my nose when I read printer, and I don't think I've actually seen it either.

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I am very interested in the creative aspects of VR. Will Oculus' Medium be ready at the launch of the headset? Will we get any more details about the app? I'm really curious about the ability to share creations and/or exporting them.

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Hi SUPERHOT! Nice meeting you in Copenhagen, again xD I keep saying that, haha! Internet is such a weird place when you have actually met the people you keep seeing, haha.

As a VR enthusiast and Oculus fanboy, I sure am curious as of what your motivation to include Rift support from the get-go is. What made you interested in VR? Who first suggested it? Did any of you participate in the Oculus Rift Kickstarter? Is the passion to make it happen shared between the whole team? Will the early beta include Rift support? Can I get a hug? Cheers!

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A bit late here, but I'll take my chances :) I can't see too many questions about your game, but that's what I'm curious about, here goes.

How will the actual editor work, will it have several modes so it can be used both on a screen/monitor in a top-down kind of way as well as directly in VR? Why I ask is that... while editing in VR sounds fabulous I imagine myself getting lost quite quickly, and if nothing else it would be nice to kind of set up the general structure with a better overview :P