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Oh, one of those European Islanders, as opposed to the Pacific variety.
I heard some British people use "Piss off" as a multipurpose hello-and-goodbye greeting. I doubt it has the same effect as "Aloha" though.

Aloha from Hawaii!

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Thank you for taking the time for this. I recommend being quick on the alt-tab key to switch between Reddit and work. That way you can avoid being caught by your boss.

How do you feel about the State of Hawaii's response to Covid? Do you feel the government has done a good job of preventing deaths at too high of a cost for the local economy?

Also, would an off-shore solar array, with wind power, deep sea aqua-culture, hotel, gambling, legalized recreational drugs, legalized prostitution, and fully automatic firearm shooting range, be anything you'd consider investing in? I've heard rumors that Elon Musk is already thinking of starting up a "Elontopia" venture such as this*.

*Disclaimer: This is a complete lie.