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Hi Mazon - Thank you for the question. We are experimenting with categories and skills to better match caller and responder. It's in the pipeline.

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Great question - Early on we considered low-hanging fruit like advertising or subscriptions, but decided it was against our core belief that accessibility services should be free and globally available. We had a poster at the old office saying “Everybody wins, only when nobody loses.” This simple but powerful statement became our design sentence for creating a full circle business model. It took us a couple of years, but we found that companies were struggling to communicate effectively with their blind or low vision customers – which led to our B2B product “Specialized Help."

Specialized Help is video-customer support from our blind/low vision community to any company's customer support center. It’s a company agent answering the call which enables them to give the blind/low vision consumer the best possible service. It's great because the company actually get to solve their customers’ problem quickly, while simultaneously gain insights into where their products and services are lacking from an accessibility perspective. Our aim has been to build a purpose-profit driven business in an ecosystem where “everybody wins when nobody loses”.

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Accessibility is becoming a higher and higher priority.

We are working with multiple household name companies who are all very excited to reach our community via Specialized Help.

Here are some links to the already implemented accessibility standards. https://www.section508.gov/ https://www.w3.org/standards/webdesign/accessibility

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Most of our sign-ups come from articles and social media stories going viral and the demographic is simply that more sighted people get exposed to the stories --- And there are simply so many wonderful people in this world eager to help one another.

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We match on timezone and languages - so overlapping timezone enables 24/7 assistance anywhere in the world