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Yes - everything is fully encrypted.

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We are quite overwhelmed by the number of volunteers, who want to help. Currently, there are almost 2 million volunteers and just 120,000 blind and visually impaired. The app is set in a way that all calls are connected at random. We can only ask for your patience - and we hope you will catch a call soon.

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Thanks! Be My Eyes should not to be used for sentitive questions- it is important to remember that user are random volunteers

Users may not use Be My Eyes for; - Displaying identification documents like a passport, driver’s license or other ID card - Sharing credit card, bank/checking account, insurance or other financial information - Sharing mail that displays your personal address - Sharing your social security number or other government identification number - Sharing information about medicine or health-related conditions

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Yes, it is end-to-end.

Please send us an email at [email protected] and we'll loop in our tech people.

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Hi Panoli, Everything is fully encrypted and is compliant with GDPR. Be My Eyes should be done for anything that can put the blind user in danger or to handle sensitive matters like social security numbers, bank info etc.