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Thank you for this AMA, great stuff!

I was wondering, what did your diet consist of prior to and during your ascent? Also, what was your training routine prior to ascent specifically?

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Thanks for your long and well thought answer - Your "like" from me is well deserved!

This seems like an insanely intense regimen! Then again - climbing Everest is pretty extreme and probably warrants it (although by your own admission - you over-trained).

I'm trying to bulk at the moment (No Creatine or NOS or anything unnatural for me - just whey protein). I live in Chiang Mai, Thailand at the moment and my current routine consists of Cross-fit twice a week, soccer twice a week and gym 5 times a week. I'm not really training for anything specific, but I do enjoy rock-climbing on weekends and used to train with the Chinese national team when I was 14 (23 now)... I have a slender athletic build (178cm/5ft10inches and 65kg/143.3lbs) Any tips for me?