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As "Proof" you are supposed to post a picture that proves the act, and not the statement, that the act has happened, like a picture of you, and the clown, outside the facility.

With things that need censoring, blacked out, and such.

Did the Clown say anything or is the support person only allowed to sit there, and calm the supportee down?

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What do we do about India, Phillipines, Vietnam, Africa, and many other countries dumping literal rivers of plastic into the ocean? Are we westerners supposed to fix this, from afar? Do you think a stop on exporting plastic trash, would help them, despite them also producing plastic, and dumping it in the same way? You do know that some companies offer humanitarian aid, to africa, with bottled water, that HAS to be plastic bottles to be safe to store and drink, and those bottles are ALSO discarded, and end up on shorelines?

Are you seeing the bigger picture or biased against your own western people?

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