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I feel many voters in my age bracket (18-30) will strongly support your campaign. With the exception of first-time voters, many of my peers in this age bracket feel burned by false promises and unrealistic expectations established during President Obama's campaign.

With this in mind: What, specifically, do you feel you can realistically accomplish in your first term as President that my age bracket can get excited about? You've been outspoken about supporting a $15 minimum wage, progressive tax reform, single-payer health care, and elimination of higher education tuition fees; do you feel like you have the ability to realistically bring one or more of these ambitions to fruition if elected president?

Thank you for taking the time to do this AMA. I look forward to supporting your campaign.


Holy shit, I just read the Wikipedia article on this. What a waste of time and resources. "The estimated cost of Operation Pipe Dreams was over $12 Million and included the resources of 2,000 law enforcement officers." Yea there's nothing better we could have been doing with all the money and manpower.

Happy 420 Mr Chong.


A better option is vote-by-mail on a federal level. Oregon has mail-in-voting and it's made voting much easier on me. My current job wouldn't mind if I took time off work to vote, but I have previously had jobs that would force you to use a sick/vacation/PTO hours if you wanted to vote.


I accept this rational.


I could care less that you're doing an AMAalotlessIloveyouAlyou'rethebest

But seriously, thank you for making it cool to be weird! How different do you think your life would have been if your parents had picked guitar lessons instead of accordion lessons?