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BBI-Rory12 karma

We've confirmed we will do DLC at some point but we're not announcing anything yet. (We're less than a week from launch!) But we will have some news on this in the future.

We are supporting modders as best we can and have pledged to not pursue code or legal blocks as long as a mod isn't poisoning the user experience for other players. (IE, MP hacks!) We'll have some more engineering support and Q&A in our forums in the coming days, we're still tackling live support for launch.

As far as fanfic and fan art goes we positively love it! I've been retweeting fan art all week! We've also got a spot for Community Media in our forums - would love to see anything you produce there!

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If we reviewed well and sold well but the fans hated the game - we, and Gearbox, would have considered this a failure. Beyond sales and reviews our key metric was the fans and the fan reception has been overwhelmingly positive. So, we are very stoked, reviews and sales have been extremely positive as well.

We're very happy!

BBI-Rory11 karma

A bit more to JD's point. We built the MP mode to be a compelling MP experience first, which is key, and we architected the game in a way that we can add eSports features if we find traction in the MP community - which we seem to be.

Simply put, a good MP game can be molded into an eSports community with proper feature support but a mediocre MP game with tons of eSports features pleases no one. We focused on building solid core gameplay and now we're into the second stage. News on map support and replays can be found here, btw.

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We announced replays and additional maps yesterday. Check out the post here or take a sneak peek at the map here

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Would love to hear any ideas you, or other folks, have for MP maps. We want to make sure we're not just providing more content, but also unique multiplayer experiences on each map.

As far as size goes, our recently announced map, inspired by the Boneyard is medium size but we'll certainly be exploring larger maps as well.