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Where did the idea of, in Seinfeld, your character being a comedian for a profession, but be the straight man for your friends, come from? I always thought that juxtapositioning for the show was genius.

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Seriously. You know I'm going to brag about that to my friends (if I had any).

EDIT: Please, everyone, don't take my comment about no friends too seriously. I appreciate the sentiment, but I was playing it up a bit. It's just that my best friend moved out of state recently, and the one I had before him passed away. And I never have more than a few close friends at any given time. It's just my immediate situation.

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I had a supervisor tell me to work with a crew of guys that didn't know a word of english and were over-eager to prove they were hard workers. We were building a warehouse. It was rain season. We were putting a 4" conduit into a live 440V panel (I don't remember the amperage, but it was a lot, it was a huge panel meant to run a whole bunch of motorized conveyor belts). The building wasn't water tight, and as a result we were standing in water almost up to our knees. These guys were jumping ahead, eager-beavers, and almost drilled right into the live bus board. I explained the problems I was having to the supervisor and how the crew he gave me was going to kill a lot of people. He flat-out didn't give a shit. I went home that night at wouldn't return to the job site. Called in my resignation from the company.

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Florida, where I live, is a "Right-to-Work" state, or as I like to call it, a "Right-to-Work-for Little-to-No-Pay" state. It's great for the contractors. Those guys clean-up big time. But it wasn't uncommon to see whole crews of undocumented workers working for less than minimum wage. There were even some contractors that became known for hiring crews of illegals, work them for 2-3 weeks until payday rolled around, then didn't pay them and when they complained they threatened to call immigration. The workers, not knowing better or knowing how to work with the system, would just move on to another job. For some reason this seemed to be pulled on the Haitian immigrants more than others in this area.

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Esperanto, that doesn't happen, because it gives to people all over the world the possibility to own be estranged by the language equally.