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May I interest you in this topic called 'abortion' and the controveray of women deciding what they want to do withtheir bodies?

Edit:1) it's a joke, and 2) thanks everyone who felt the need to explain the arguments against women having control of their bodies, your 'well actually'-s are very much appreciated...

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This is one of the most playful answers I have seen in an 'official' AMA (in the sense with a professional and not just some random person)

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As a thing to add about genetics. Apparently the social traits of autism are linked to different genes than non-social traits. Basically, genetically speaking you wouldnt consider autism a single disorder.

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This. I am a psychology student. I have only heard of ECT in terms of extremely sever depression and patients who are resistant to treatment. Like for new treatments such as ketamine and psychedelic drugs (mushroom) - yes, they might not sound great, but when the alternative is suicide or a life with severe depression, well, they look definitely like viable options

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Not an expert. And i know this is mostly a question to show that the guy doesnt know. Anyway, if there is someone who is really lost, here is some practical advice

  • check if there is any food service in your are that sells food that is too ugly to sell i stores. Other services that connect farmers to consumers bypassing stores are also good. In general these can be more expensive or even less expensive, so depending on whats available not everyone can do this

  • throwing stuff away is mostly due to regulation. So, changing it is not easy. For this there is no general step, it really depends where you are. I am european, and those laws are at the EU- level. So when I vote for the EU (btw, elections are close so make sure you go to vote!), I have to make sure that the candidates i vote for is aware of the issue and is doing something.

  • its not a new issue. So check updates in regulation and other minor events that happen related to it (e.g. news aboht local stores doing things independently). Share on social media stories about the issue of food waste and also share support for stores that took measures to reduce it (this also includes to 'vote with your dollar' and economically support these stores)