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As someone diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, I've had great success in keeping it at bay with TNF-blockers.
However, in spite of exercise, I'm noticing a slow, but steady progression towards complete spinal fusion.
Is there active research on corrective surgery going on today, or is spinal fusion just something we'll forever have to deal with?

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Thanks for the reply!
It frankly sucks that there's no corrective procedures, but the spine being as vital and sensitive as it is, it's completely understandable.
I'm still young, but I do dread old age.

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Getting in and out of cars is always an exercise in contortion and weird angling.
I tend to go feet first, and then sort of slide and twist.

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I had massive issues and pain in my back for 15 years, and was told "it's muscular", before one summer when was in such insane pain that I called the ambulance.
I had crazy cramps each time I would use a back muscle. Slept in an office chair for a month, after which I upgraded to the recliner. It was sheer hell. No sleep, no respite, and no meds would even soften the pain. Hell, they gave me morphine, and it did absolutely nothing.
Worst time of my life.
Luckily, I got diagnosed and got treatment, and now I'm mostly fine and pain-free. It took me a while to realise that life without constant pain exists.