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Why is jumping so bloody difficult to animate? Jumping animations look like hell in most games. Seriously, just frozen spastic abominations.

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As someone who was enrolled in a class like yours, I'd like to use you as a proxy for the teacher there - bear with me a sec. Thank you. You rocked. I havent seen you in 30 years, and I still miss you :-(

Also? Thank you for the Christmas card!!! It was my first one!

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I didnt turn out well, I turned into a complete trainwreck basketcase. But she took a direct interest in me that wasnt sexual or violent, she never swore at me, or told me go get the hell away from her, and she had some cool stuff to do.

Of course, while all that was going on, I was falling so far behind in my schoolwork that by the time they decided I was safe enough to let back into classes with normal kids, I was completely over my head, and never did catch up, and ended up right back at square one again. Flunked grade 4, grade 6, and 7. Or was it 7, and 8? Anyway, I dropped out and the world took over the beatings for my mom and whoever she was with at the time.

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Karateka... Gods no - not 30 years! I played that in science lab! It was even more exciting than 'Hunt the Wumpus!' Even with 100% fewer Wumpii!

I wish I had a question for you, but you've probably answered any that I can think up in countless interviews already. Just in case though?

Did you put an easter egg into Karateka anywhere??