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The Fifth Element and Leon are two of my favorite movies of all time. Was there ever any pressure to try to follow these movies up with sequels? To me, they are perfect movies, and stand well on their own, but in this day and age, studios want to franchise everything. Was there ever an idea for The Fifth Element 2?

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I saw Kubo about six months ago, I loved it so much I posted to r/movies declaring it "an absolute masterpiece." This became my highest upvoted post ever, with nearly 45,000 upvotes, meaning plenty of people agree with that statement. It was my first Laika film, I've since watched Coraline, which would have terrified me as a child. You guys the bar-setters in animation right now in my opinion. How much does a finished Laika film differ from the ideas you had in pre-production? And which changes more over time, the story or the visual design?