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Azmordean8 karma

I keep seeing people say "we may have to do this for 12-18 months until there is a vaccine." I see that as fearmongering and not remotely realistic. It seems to me more than 2-3mo of near lockdown would completely collapse the global economy, and might well be a situation of "the cure is worse than the disease." Isn't the purpose of these measures to be relatively speaking short term, and blunt the peak of the curve, to allow the health system to gear up, and hopefully get a lot more testing, which would then allow more targeted measures? I also point to Korea and China, both of which are on the downslope and it has only been 2ish months. Appreciate any thoughts from an expert -- I just feel like all the talk of "years" makes people become despondent and have an attitude of "F it, it's not possible to live like this forever," which is very unhelpful.