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I don't have a question, so I'll have to just say here that your situation really sucks and I'm deeply impressed by the way you're dealing with it. I wish you the best, even though that sounds really corny given what you're facing. Blessings to you and your loved ones.

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Are you still a person of faith, or are you just done with the Witnesses? No judgment around the question, just curious. Thank you for sharing!

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No question, just a thank you from a former road warrior on behalf of everyone you ever helped. What a thankless job! Good luck in your academic adventures!

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Reddit is a very strange place. I chalk it up to bots (although I don't understand the motivation) and very small-spirited people who get their jollies by trying to pull down everything around them. Pay them no mind.

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That's the thing right there. A lot of the hot sauces marketed as being Insanity or Nuclear or whatever are little more than bottled heat. I want some flavor along with the nuclear blast, and fresh-based sauces deliver. Sorry I'm not in Berkeley, I'd love to come by.